From the very first day of our company we placed the quality of our products first and foremost.
--- main relating to the security of them---
Therefore not only is the quality inspected by our company, and our suppliers – we also demand a standard of testing that is effectively maintained.

The utmost importance in our company is quality. We not only talk about quality, we eat, drink and sleep quality!

But this slogan is nearly in everybodies mouth, not only in our.

Therefore let`s take a closer look at the word quality:

Exactly what is quality?

  • According to the DIN 55 350 part 11, quality is:"The quality of a product according to the qualification, to fulfill fixed and supposed requirements."

In other words: Everyone has a different meaning of quality according to their own individual standards.

  • If I would have some million Dollars of my account, the conception of quality would may be start first at an villa in the most expensive area of a city, with minimum a sauna, a solarium, a swimmingpool and minimum one sports car in the garage.
  • If I am a man out of the middle-class of the people, may be my quality-demands are allready satisfied, if my property is a complete paid half serial house and my car is a smal one on an official parking place.

As you see for example by an runing nose a handkerchief made out of paper as high quality if it is only so safety, that you have to wash your hands afterwards on a toilet...

... so is may be an otherone only satisfied, if he has an handkerchief made out of pure silk.

Standards of quality vary from one individual to another, one company to another depending on their needs.

In one business quality may mean the lowest price possible, to another company it may mean the highest level of safety. It is our goal to unite all meanings of quality which we are confronted with on a day to day basis to satisfy all of our customer.

What do we do for the quality of our products?

Because if you are owner of a quality-management-system according to DIN EN ISO 9000 and followings it says not much relating to the quality of your products, we have worked out intern systems in our company. On the one hand this systems cause that everything will be done, which have to do with the safety of the products, and on the other hand it safes expensive testings during the production, the end- and the TÜV-inspection, which are absolutely unimportant for the safety of the products.

To ensure the products we import have no safety or quality foults, we work very close with the TÜV-Rheinland, who tests the products according to ISO 2859 standards before the shipment. They also test the products according with our special standards, or the standards we worked out together with the TÜV or according to the testings expectations of our customer.

Our own quality control people, review testing results to ensure quality before goods can be shipped to us Articles, which are intern declared as products, which have to be documented, we retest after we receive these shipment all merchandise once again, to ensure and confirm we have received the highest quality of goods.

How we make sure the qualitative progress?

Because our quality-management has very intensive contacts to committees of the standards, different experts of working-surance and so on, we try at once, if we see problems relating to the surance of products which we have allready on stock – or products which we plan to import new – to discuss the problems and solve them. Our company continually maintains the highest standards of quality, by keeping with the newest quality assurance techniques. Likewise we are open for every objective criticism and also legitimate complaints have the result, that it comes direct to changes in our quality-surance-system which serve to the permanent improvement of our quality-standart.

What we not can do:

(Because it is not allowed)!!!

Often we are asked from our customers, if we are able to give for our stock-articles a certificate or a testimonial according DIN EN 10204. Although we, as importer count as manufacturer – relating to the product liability insurance – and we are responsible in the full range of law for our importet products,

the DIN EN 10205 forbid definite and without doubt (additional confirmed by the „Obmann" of the above named DIN per telephon) the issue of such certificates or testimonials for imported articles!
By us, you can be sure, that we pay attention, that everything will be done, that our products confirm the quality and DIN-demands, without the testimonial according DIN EN 10205 -which is forbidden for us to issue – and which gives you therefore only a very dubious surance.